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Free Resources

Grace and Faith Ministers


Dear Fellow Ministers,


There are grace and faith resources available for free for those who are credentialed ministers. Whether you are currently teaching the gospel of God’s grace or just wanting to know why everyone is talking about grace so much, these resources are available to you.


Most of these resources require that you verify that you are as pastor or in part or full-time ministry. If you are not, there are multiple other free resources available to you on this website along with links we have provided. Select the Resources tab and you will find plenty of free materials for all.


Free Resources for Ministers


Grace and Faith Awakening



Joseph Prince Local Church Initiative


8 Responses to Free Resources

  • Phillip Waite says:

    Hi. I am currently having home church with my wife. We were attending an apostolic church where we still have loving friends, family. We came to the point where we could not take a mixture any more. I am hoping I qualify for any electronic resource you would share with a pastor in a large church. There is only two of us at this point. We live in Bunbury, Western Australia.
    Regards Phil.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi, Phil!

      What we do here in California is we have study groups called Studies in Grace and Faith. We gather for a meal together, either before or after the teachings, and listen to the video which include a communion time and usually a song or two at the end. The Video Teachings tab has our videos to date and we are working on more. You can use these recordings as the teaching for a meeting if you have a good internet connection. Just press play. If your group really wants to study whatever topic it is, you can also download the notes and print them out for each person. Normally, the notes go into more detail. If you don’t have good internet reception, we could send a series to you for use in your gatherings.

      I am in the process of publishing a book written to pastors about the gospel of grace. It should be published this year. In the meantime, you could recommend the videos to him/her.

      So happy you are also awakening to the gospel of His amazing grace. All of the teachings on this website were done for those who are awakening or who want to awaken to grace.

      Thanks so much!

      • Kim Hyeon su says:

        I’m a korean pastor.
        now I am in journey for God’s Grace.

        Now is the turning point. Help m.pls.

        • Cathy says:

          Dear Brother Kim,

          On this website, we have many teachings centered around Jesus. They are free for all and you can also download the notes for deeper study. If you have questions along the way, or comments, feel free to leave them. Also, I have a facebook page at Please come visit us there as I’m “there” more often. May the Lord open your eyes wide to see His glorious love for you! C. D. Hildebrand

  • Phillip Waite says:

    Thanks Cathy. There is more than enough resources here.

    • Cathy says:

      So glad to hear. We just published a book, too. I think you will find it helpful. It’s entitled, ARE WE PREACHING “ANOTHER” GOSPEL by C. D. Hildebrand (that’s me). We pray it will be a blessing to you all!

  • Pastor Caroline says:

    Thank you for your website and the true teachings and messages. I am blessed to read and grow in this wonderful and precious truth. We would love to fellowship and learn more of Gods word from dear saints and men of God. For the furtherance of the gospel we sound the trumpet. As the Holy Spirit guides you, we will appreciate your hand of fellowship. Hoping to hear from you soon.
    Pastor Caroline,


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