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Individual Teachings

From time to time we have a teaching that doesn’t neatly fit into a series we are doing. We’ll be posting more of these as time goes by. We hope you will enjoy these uplifting messages. Scroll down for Teaching Notes (and possible video teachings).


  • Christianity: Inside Out, Upside Down, and Backwards
  • Give Us a King!
  • What about 1 John 1:9?


Christianity: Inside Out, Upside Down, and Backwards

In this teaching we cover the major areas where we believe today’s church has altered the good news of God’s grace. Many of the points in this lesson are covered in greater depth in the series entitled, “DO YOU KNOW HOW”. 


Christianity Inside Out Upside Down and Backwards Part 1
 Christianity Inside Out Upside Down and Backwards Part 2


Give Us a King!

 We’ve all heard of spiritual abuse within the church, but are the leaders always to blame? Could it be that we ourselves contribute to this problem by relinquishing our responsibility to “prove all things and hold fast to the which is good”?


Give Us a King



What about 1 John 1:9?

1 John 1:9 is a verse that is great misunderstood in the church today. Instead of understanding that 1 John 1 was written primarily to non-believers who did not believe they had sin, we have morphed it’s meaning to teaching believers that they not only need to confess sins constantly, but that it is a sin to say we are without sin. This is a excerpt from the book Are We Preaching “Another” Gospel by C. D. Hildebrand. 
1 John 1-9 








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