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C. D. Hildebrand


Resources by C. D. Hildebrand


Are We Preaching “Another Gospel”
A 31-Day Journey toward Rediscovering the Gospel of the Grace of God


Overcoming the Overwhelming
A 40-Day Journey toward Rediscovering Faith in God


Just a Moment of Grace

Short Inspirational Videos


Poetry and Songs

A New Category with Many Entries Just Waiting to be Added


Relationship Tip of the Day

Short Essays on Getting Along with Other Human Beings


Healing Stories

TrueĀ Accounts of Divine Healing


Social Ā Media Notes

Topics I Have Posted Online Over the Years


About the Author


Catherine Dalene Hildebrand (1954-) was “raised in church” all of her life, but tried to abandon her faith in college. Unable to convince herself that God did not exist, she returned to full faith in Christ in 1974. About two years later, she married David. They had three children. She and David worked in college and youth ministry from 1974-1983. In 1982 they became home missionaries pastoring a church. Unable to find full-time ministry after their mission ended in 1987, they began secular careers. It was this same year that Catherine had what she now calls a “grace awakening” which helped her to rediscover her first love in Christ and abandon law-based Christianity. During the years that followed, she worked as an elementary bilingual teacher for four years and then a high school Spanish teacher for eight years. After this, she and David once again felt God drawing them into ministry. In 2007, she and David founded a church-based Bible institute and were re-ordained by their denomination. It was during this time that she believed God asked her, “Are you willing to preach the gospel to the saved?” Knowing exactly what He meant she answered, “Yes.” In 2009, she and David began a teaching ministry called Studies in Grace and Faith (the focus of this website). After three intensive years of studying and teaching the good news to Christians, Catherine was finally ready to publish her first book. ARE WE PREACHING “ANOTHER” GOSPEL, A 31-Day Journey toward Rediscovering the Gospel of the Grace of God was written to help believers rediscover the good news of God’s amazing love for them. In March 2016, she releasedĀ her second book entitled OVERCOMING THE OVERWHELMING, A 40-Day Journey toward Rediscovering Faith in God. This book encourages believers to believeĀ in God in order to find victory in areas of their lives thatĀ seem impossible.Ā Ā If you’d like to discuss the topic of the gospel of grace, please go to http://www.facebook/cdhildebrandgrace.

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