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For many believers the book of Hebrews is a mystery, perhaps too complicated for devotional study. Others have found golden treasures in this verse and that. Still others have lifted verses out of their context to condemn believers. Our goal in this study is to make Hebrews understandable, revive the treasures within, and expose the errors that have been taught by falsely applying what is written which undermines  faith in God’s love and grace toward us. This is not meant to be an exhaustive study of the book. If you would like an exhaustive study, there are multiple books on Hebrews which will help shed light on things you don’t understand. You will find they do not agree on everything, but overall, they agree on much, and it is upon this agreement that our focus will be, to proclaim Jesus supremacy and the superiority of the New Covenant.



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Toward a Better Understanding of Hebrews
























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