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Memorizing Grace

Welcome to Memorizing Grace with C. D. Hildebrand!


We hope this ministry will be a blessing to you.


Here you have our first three sessions. More are on the way, so come back soon!


Each video presents the scripture passage repeatedly to give you opportunity to memorize or meditate on it. Included will be doctrinal insights, inspirational encouragements, visuals, and supporting verses to make these short sessions like a mini Bible study. Use them as best fits your needs.


If you want to memorize, repeat with me. If you want to meditate, just listen and enjoy. If you want to share the gospel of grace with others, please share the videos as they come out. Parents have enjoyed watching these with their children.



John 1:1-5


Galatians 2:20-21

Romans 5:6-8


Galatians 2:21