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So, Now What Do I Do?

Welcome to our series entitled:


So, Now What Do I Do?


Many of those who are awakening again to the glorious gospel of God’s grace toward them spent a lifetime living under religious laws, so much so, that they now feel unsure of what it really means to live under grace. For so many years the focus of teaching in the church-at-large has been on US and what WE need to do. Now that we are seeing that our relationship with God is about HIM and what HE did, we aren’t sure what to do next.This series will hopefully give you some sound guidance as you rediscover the joy of faith in Jesus.

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Lesson One: Reorientation
Never wanting to do anything short of pleasing God, David came to a point where he felt worthless to the kingdom of God. He still loved Jesus with all of his heart, but he was weary of being a Christian. When he finally realized that he had taken a wrong turn in his beliefs about his relationship with God, he wondered what to do next. this teaching is an overview of the topics that will be discussed afterward along with His personal testimony.


Lesson Two: Take Another Look at the Gospel

Most ministers today see the gospel as something preached to the lost. It’s the good news that God gave His Son to save us from our sins and give us eternal life. The idea of preaching the gospel to the saved is foreign to most people. It’s almost as if there is a “bait and switch” scheme. Get people saved, but don’t tell them how difficult it is to be a believer. This is how many people think.
My friends, the gospel is for all, especially for those who believe in Him. So, let’s take another look at the glorious gospel of God’s grace.


Lesson Three: Identifying Mixture

Mixture in its most basic form is adding laws to grace. This can take on many forms. A believe just now waking to grace is often unaware of the extent to which law, just like leaven, works its way into every aspect of our lives. In this teaching we discus how to identify mixture so that we can avoid falling into it again.



Lesson Four: What About Spiritual Disciplines?

“Spiritual disciplines” also referred to as “devotions” or “quiet time” are an accepted expectation for all believers. What could possibly be wrong with prayer and Bible study? In this teaching the entire concept is challenged based on the finished work of the cross. 


Lesson Five: What Does God Want from Me?

If “spiritual disciplines” are not what God is requiring from us, then just what is it that He wants? Come and find rest as you discover here that His yoke really is easy and His burden is truly light.



Lesson Six: Finding Fellowship

Sadly, many believers realize that the messages they are hearing from the pulpit in their church are filled with mixture. Now, what do you do? Do you stay and try to share the truth? Do you take the nearest exit? This series helps you decide what you should do, and give guidance for finding fellowship should you believe God is calling you to leave. It also gives some advise for pastors who are waking to God’s grace and aren’t sure what to do next.


Lesson Seven:  The Chopping Block

We remember wondering that if we hadn’t understood something so basic as the gospel, what ELSE had we missed. What other beliefs did we hold that were wrong? This teaching will encourage you to courageously place every belief and practice on God’s chopping block.



Lesson Eight: No Turning Back

You may find it hard to believe, but there are a few believers who have awakened to grace who end up going back to their old way of thinking due to fear of persecution or lack of financial gain. In this lesson, we expose the pitfalls and encourage you to keep believing in the gospel of God’s amazing grace.




Lesson Nine: Grace Superabounding in Your Life

As we begin to learn again of God’s deep love for us we begin to find joy again and peace. However, many of our relationship have often also been sullied by law replacing grace and we are left facing the devastation that legalism, formula, and religious expectations have caused. Now, what do we do? How do we reach those we love with this gospel of God’s grace? The answer is simple and found in this lesson.

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