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Dear Fellow Ministers,


If you have not yet had your own grace and faith awakening, you might be wondering what all the buzz is these days. You might think, “Of course we are saved by grace through faith, and not works,” and yet sense that you are missing something about what everyone is talking about.


The gospel of the grace of God is nothing new. It’s not a revolution or a movement. It’s the same gospel Paul preached. The trouble is, we ministers have added to the pure gospel so much that what we end up teaching today is a far cry from what God intended when He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever BELIEVES in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.


Beside the regular resources on this site available to anyone, we have provided here resources especially for you. We hope these will  be an encouragement to you!



Cathy and David Hildebrand



For free resources for pastors, click here.




For information about  a Grace and Faith Awakening, click here.


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