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Currently, this series is only available in study notes form.
It will be recorded in the future.

Toward a Better Understanding

of Judgment and Discipline


As we teach the gospel of God’s glorious grace, some of the same questions come up as people are trying to understand just how beautiful and expansive His grace really is. Many of these have to do with what seems to be like judgments for believing Christians. In this series, we take an honest look at the various verses that are often misinterpreted. We hope in the future to have audio and video for these topics, but we felt is was important, in the meantime, to post the notes. We hope they will be helpful to you. Enjoy!


Lesson One: Those Who Were Judged for Sin after the Cross

L-1Those Who Were Judged for Sin in NT


Lesson Two: The Judgment Seat of Christ

L-2 The Judgment Seat of Christ


Lesson Three: The Discipline of God

L-3 The Discipline of God


Lesson Four: Will Christians be Cut Off for Not Bearing Fruit?

L-4 Will We Be Cut-off for Not Bearing Fruit?



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