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Psalms in Light of Grace

This series is currently only available as study notes.


Some  have suggested that since we are under the New Covenant only, the Psalms and Proverbs are no loner relevant for us. Nothing could be further from the truth, IF we take them in context. We must keep in mind that the writer of the Psalms could only look forward to and long for what we now have. When we can see their longing, we can better appreciate what we have been given. These lessons are meant to help us appreciate the Psalms in light of the New Covenant.


We hope that you will be blessed as you consider our thoughts. These notes may be downloaded and reproduced  for personal or group studies by clicking on the links below. Please do not publish for distribution or profit. Thank-you.


Psalms and Proverbs Part One Law vs. Grace


Psalms and Proverbs Part Two Forgiveness, His Abiding Presence, and Facing Difficulties



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