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Studies in Grace and Faith

Welcome to Studies in Grace and Faith

     If you’ve been wondering what happened to the joy of your salvation…if you feel miserable as a Christian…if you have done almost everything you were told to do to be a successful and dynamic believer and yet you don’t see the results you were promised…if you’ve grown weary from trying so hard, SGF is probably the right study for you. Each and every teaching is designed to give you the truth you need to be set free from religious tradition and return you to the loving relationship you once knew with God.



Who We Are


     Studies in Grace and Faith was go-founded and written by David and Cathy Hildebrand. Believing that God called them to “preach the gospel to the saved“, they began a small group study in their home in Vallejo, California and then later began to share in the town of Chico at a friend’s home who wanted to learn more about the gospel of grace. The teachings in the SGF series are a result of over seven years of study and sharing. 

     SGF is for believers who are interested in learning more about the good news of God’s love and grace. It is available to individuals, groups, and churches free of charge. We offer both verse by verse and topical series. Since the studies are not sequential, you choose which series you’d prefer and go at your own pace. SGF is available only on this website and includes video, audio, and study note formats.

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     Our studies are designed so that any individual or group can simply press Play and learn. There is no lengthy preparation or study involved for facilitators or attendees, but the notes are detailed enough that if anyone wants to study the topic further, he/she will be able to do so. In fact, many who participate in SGF actually enjoy going into more depth!


Some of our lessons are currently only available in note form, but we are working diligently to eventually get them all recorded and posted.


Our Purpose


We are dedicated to feed God’s beloved sheep with the good news that will set them free. We believe that we are:


Righteous by faith not law

Taught by grace not law

Led by the Spirit not law


Our Teaching Resources


All of our Teaching Resources are free. We add to our studies continually.



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If you would like to discuss the grace of God or be notified when new teachings or notes are posted, please “Like” our page at:


Current Locations of Studies in Grace and Faith


Vacaville, California: First Friday of each month, Contact Cathy Hildebrand to register on our Facebook page.

Chico, California: Monthly “Celebration” open to the public is the second Fridays of the month at Oxford Suites in Chico. Several other weekly small groups are available. To register for a small group, contact David Graybiel on our Facebook Page

Are You Interested in Starting an SGF in Your Area?

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 You don’t have to join us to join us.  Just come and be blessed!


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